How do you set up a food truck?

In recent years, the food truck phenomenon has taken off in Spain and it seems that it is here to stay. This tradition, imported from the US, which emerged back in the nineteenth century, arrived in 2014, making a big impact with the first Street food in Barcelona. This trend has continued to attract followers, and as a result, an increasing number of cities are hosting festivals featuring food on wheels. Their popularity lies in the variety of flavours which are on offer, capable of delighting the palates (and pockets) of the most demanding foodies.

It is not surprising that more and more catering companies are deciding to try their luck with food trucks, since it is an opportunity to create their own business and reach a wide audience at a reasonable cost. At Repagas we are aware of the evolution of the market and of the needs of the most demanding customers, and as such, we want to tell you the essential factors for fitting out a food truck with the best catering equipment.

Choice of vehicle

The vehicle will be your starting point. You must consider the culinary experience that you wish to offer your customers. Depending on the composition of the menu and the products that you are going to serve, you should choose one type of vehicle or another, but it must always be an approved model.

Furthermore, you will need to be up to date with the relevant licences. You will need to have a food-handling licence, be registered for trade tax in order to use your vehicle, and have third party liability insurance. You will also need a permit from the council of the town in which you plan on setting up.

Important: do not forget the decoration! The sense of sight is fundamental. Remember that we eat with our eyes! In the same way as you pay attention to the presentation of your dishes, a food truck with an attractive design can increase your chances of attracting more customers.

Food truck equipment

Due to the fact that there is usually limited space inside food trucks, it is fundamental that you choose catering equipment that enables you to optimise the working space and which at the same time complies with the health requirements defined by the sector.

In line with the regulations, the furniture must be manufactured using resistant material such as stainless steel which can be cleaned easily in its entirety and which withstands the use of disinfectant products. Furthermore, it must be attached to the floor without welding in order to prevent the spread of bacteria. So as to prevent people from falling over as well as stopping the passage of moisture, the flooring must be non-slip and it is essential to insulate the cold area from the rest of the space.

As with choosing the appropriate vehicle, the catering equipment of your food truck will depend on the menu that you wish to offer your customers. Obviously, you will not need the same equipment to serve ice creams as to fry hot dogs. Nevertheless, there are a series of essential elements in your industrial kitchen. They are as follows:

Cooking area

Time is a key factor, especially when food is served on wheels. However tasty your menu is, your customers will not be prepared to wait half an hour to eat it. In order to be able to serve them in a reasonable period of time, it is essential that the cooking area is fitted out with catering equipment which enables you to cook as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repagas has a wide range of products manufactured in stainless steel, designed to be adapted to fit the dimensions of your food truck. These include everything from small industrial kitchens, fry-tops, grill plates, barbecues, fryers… even churros making machines!

You can see our entire range of catering equipment products here.

Cold area

Preserving your foodstuffs in optimum condition and preventing contamination is the main objective of the cold area in your kitchen. In addition to traditional refrigerated cabinets and display cabinets, one of the items that can help you to plan your kitchen is the blast chiller. Repagas blast chillers enable you to chill foodstuffs quickly without altering their properties, so as to be able to enhance them later and obtain the best flavours.

Food preparation area

Every kitchen needs a work space in which to prepare foodstuffs before cooking them. Repagas neutral elements, manufactured in stainless steel with antacid varnishes, will ensure that working in the kitchen of your food truck is much easier and more comfortable.

Other areas to bear in mind

The storage and extraction areas are essential in the kitchen of a food truck. We recommend that you have the extraction hood made to measure so that it has reduced dimensions and power, as well as incorporating a fan. Furthermore, it is a good idea to use any space that will enable you to store your utensils in a perfectly organised way.

 With these simple steps you have what you need! A food truck adapted to meet your needs. At Repagas we have experience in this sector and we can offer you some references of vehicles featuring Repagas equipment.


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