Gas barbeques

Can I wash the barbecue briquettes?

Of course. Barbecue briquettes are washable.

How can I clean the barbecue on a daily basis?

  • Drip Tray: As it can be removed, it can be cleaned in the sink, submerged in water and brushed using a nylon brush, and finally rinsed. 
  • Roasting Grill: It must be cleaned after each use so as to avoid the build up of deposits.  If persistent stains remain, use an appropriate descaling agent.

What care is recommended for the barbecue if I close for holidays?

In the event of prolonged inactivity of the appliance (holidays, seasonal work, etc.), it should be cleaned thoroughly, so as to remove all traces of food, and carefully dried.  Leave the lid open so as to allow air to circulate within the cooking bowl. For the steel parts, use protective products that can normally be found on the market and shut off the gas and water supplies.  Don’t forget that the establishment should be properly ventilated.

Why do flames appear when cooking large pieces on the barbecue?

Normally, when cooking large pieces of meat with a high fat content (topside, full pieces of Iberian pork, etc.) on the barbecue, it is recommended to combine two cooking environments: one with direct flame and the other without direct flame. The direct flame enables us to achieve “sealing” (Maillard reactions) which, along with the smoke generated by the fat and the cooking juices, give meat that special touch of being cooked on the grill. The indirect flame is ideal for relatively lean and thin cuts (sirloins, fish, filets, etc). The problem of this “direct flame” is that flames are quickly generated starting from the briquettes to the grill area due to the dripping fat. If we leave a large cut with a high fat content to be cooked alone on a “direct flame”, many flames will be generated and the outer part will be charred. The “indirect flame” will help us achieve homogeneous cooking of a cut in this “less hostile” environment.


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