When we hear the word barbeque, we naturally associate it with meat. Understandably, since gas barbeques allow you to cook meat in a lean way whilst keeping it juicy and succulent, and maintaining the characteristic flavour created by the grease as it falls into the embers.

All our barbeques are gas models, allowing you to work immediately and more quickly in your professional kitchen than you would be able to with a solid fuel barbeque. They also combine the innovation of Repagas technology with our traditional finish and presentation.

Small gas barbeque (550 Series)

Repagas’ 550 Series gas barbeques offer great versatility. They are made from scotch-brite finished stainless steel, as are their grills, which can withstand the highest temperatures without warping. Their exclusive wedge-shaped design will allow you to enjoy working with your barbeque for much longer, since it collects grease so as not to damage internal components. These barbeques allow you to work according to your needs, since there are two working height options available. Heat is transmitted through compacted ceramic briquettes, and the ergonomic controls are made from heat resistant polyamide. All Repagas gas barbeque models come with a front drawer and drip tray underneath, along with side and backsplash guards.

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Medium gas barbeque (750 Series)

Repagas’ 750 Series gas barbeque models are designed to offer maximum power and functionality. Made from stainless steel, they have square edges that guarantee a perfect join when designing complete cooking blocks. The cooking surfaces on these barbeques are between 1 and 2mm thick, and have our characteristic wedge design to extend the product’s service life. They also have high performance tube burners and heat resistant controls made from polyamide with ABS, incorporating maximum and minimum pilot positions. Our gas barbeques come with a manual on switch and piezo switch, and the safety taps are thermo coupled.

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Large gas barbeque (900 and 1100 Series)

Repagas’ 900 and 1100 series gas barbeques allow you to distribute heat evenly throughout the entire work surface thanks to the compacted ceramic briquettes used, delivering high performance and power to the burners, which is never less than 70%. All our barbeques are made from scotch-brite finished stainless steel and are easy to clean and highly resistant thanks to our exclusive wedge-shaped design. You will enjoy the power and functionality they deliver.

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